The Hope Act

As I am still on hiatus spending time with my family, it is very hard to ignore the news, the world, and of course facebook. I hate throwing my opinion out there on the business side of things, but I think there is more of an issue than guns, illnesses, etc. Social Isolation is a big problem. From youth to adulthood. In school shootings all the way to the theater shooting, one common ground is they were all isolated individuals. Whether it be from, having no friends, to low self esteem, to being bullied.

The “Olivia Act” has been popping up all over photographers pages all over the country. And while I respect everyones decisions on offering their free mini session, I will be offering something quite different. While the importance of a family photo is outstanding, I think it’s just as important if not more to open up someones eyes to their self worth. For all the children or teens who are bullied or have no social circle, who may think they have no beauty or self worth, I am starting a project where I will be accepting applications and referrals of a child or teen who is in need of this. The hope is someones future will be rerouted and their eyes and hearts will be opened to who they really are, not just how they percieve themselves. With all the negative isolation of young adults, I have hope this could possibly change someone for the better. I will be offering a free mini once a month. They will have a blog page about how great they are and what they do for the world community, etc. Maybe if we help these young adults and children find that they are not alone, that they are beautiful, and that they are special, we may have a better future. Once I return home I will have all details to put out. Hope everyone is holding tight to their families and counting their blessings this holiday season 🙂


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