Appreciation | Kristen Huntley | NC Photographer

Every once in a while you will see a post on Facebook about how much I appreciate my clients. I’m not sure how many actually know the depth of my sincerity.

For a little insight, read on 🙂

To be asked to capture lifetime memories, in and of itself is amazing! Then I actually get to participate in those memories! There are moments when I am editing and I simply smile, because I am reliving a moment or just love the emotion in the images. There is nothing more rewarding in this profession, than to see smiling faces at the end of the session process. While it may not always be the easiest, I try to make every session relaxed, fun and fresh! One of the best compliments is hearing “My husband didn’t want to get pictures, but now he loves them” Usually it’s the guys of the group who hate picture day. It’s in their genes or something. I know this first hand being a mother of 2 boys.

When a client comes back, well, that right there, is another feeling. It’s a feeling of acheivement. Of familiarity. As some of you know, the more sessions we have together, the more fun it gets!

I wanted to post an image of when I first started here in NC, and recently. Same couple. They stuck with me through this incredible  journey of knowledge and hard work. And I love all the spunk they bring to every idea and shoot!

So here’s a Thanks, to all of my clients. Past, present, future! 


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