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Every once in a while, I notice I need to update pictures of my own children. Fortunately, with Spring Break, I have been able to spend some much need quality time with my boys. I recently read an fabulous article about children & their moms. You can check it out here.

As moms, some of us tend to get caught up in who we want to be, whether it be the amazing stay at home mom who needs to feel like she does everything well. Or maybe it’s the mom who wants to feel like she can find that simple balance between career and the house. I could go on & on about who we all want to be. Truth is, we already are who are kids want us to be. There’s no expectation of something better for them. You are the best. In the world of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., it’s very easy to find the next best thing we want for ourselves. To accomplish, to wear, to be.

I grew up in a time period when there wasn’t social media and big boxy computers were just making their appearance in households. I hung out with the neighborhood kids and played “Mother May I” & kickball in the big field. Dinners as a family turned into weekends on our boat. I wish that for my kids. I wish life wasn’t so simple that they come running to the computer for answers. There was a day when we, as children, needed to find a way to get the nintendo cartridge to work. Whoever blew on it was a genius! But, how did we all know to do it? Wasn’t the computer.

A computer is a necessity for my field of work, but often,I need to be reminded to get off of it and it will be there later. 🙂 Thankfully, my husband has no problem reminding me.

Children grow up so fast. Go spend the day jumping on the trampoline, running in the sprinkler, coloring a book, eat a picnic, or make a cake together. Promise it will be worth it 🙂

Click on the picture below for better resolution 🙂

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